Commercial Junk Removal

commercial junk removalJunk South is your national commercial junk removal provider. Specializing in commercial scale removal, Junk South is the ideal solution to large scale renovations, brand conversions, demolition, and relocation clean-outs.

Junk Removal

With industry leading truck fleets, dedicated teams, and focused logistics, Junk South services hotels, student/multi-unit housing, high-rises, and resorts in the timely removal of outdated furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Since 2005, commercial properties have relied on Junk South, and with over 23,000 rooms junk free nationwide, our commitment to the industry has never been stronger.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

As a steward to the environment and to the betterment of others, Junk South utilizes a national network of charities and recycling options to divert outdated FF&E from local landfills.

In 2011, Junk South recovered over $250,000 in tax deductions - and, as a thank you, we returned every cent back to our clients. With Junk South, not only is FF&E removed efficiently and affordably, but asset loss becomes asset recovery as we navigate the donation maze and work to your benefit.

Student Housing Junk Removal

Since 2005, Athena Enterprise, LLC has been working closely with property management companies and furnished apartment complexes in the removal of outdated furnishings and resident waste. Our ability to save your properties money is well documented. Since 2005, we have cut turn costs of the nation's largest developers, owners and managers by as much as 77%.

Property Wide Improvement Waste

If your property is undergoing large scale renovations, remodeling, or furniture replacement Junk South is here to provide complete extraction services for the old items. Our teams will be in and out in the timeline you establish, taking all items off the property.

  • Free up maintenance staff for installation and maintenance needs
  • Free up leasing staff for occupancy demands
  • Decrease staff overtime
  • Eliminate rolloff dumpsters
  • Limit on-site storage
  • Maintain sightly appearance of property during turn
  • Hands Free FF&E Turn

Tenant Remains Removal

If your tenants need help removing junk or they negligently leave personal remains during move out or overfill expensive roll-offs, Athena Enterprises is prepared to help. Our service handles all lifting, loading, removal, and clean-up of tenant remains. Eliminate unsightly waste and roll-offs while maintaining your property’s curb appeal with our fast, convenient, affordable service.

7 Days a Week • Morning - Evening • Includes Lifting, Loading & Clean-Up