Property Preservation

property preservationDon't let you properties lose their value and appeal. Athena Enterprise, LLC secures, protects and prepares properties for sale that have undergone foreclosure, default, or are in bank-owned status. Keep your properties in great marketable condition.

Within 2 business days, Athena Enterprises, LLC will re-key all doors and secure garage doors on abandoned, vacant or foreclosed property. We will also board openings, when a safety or vandalism risk is present. Also within the first 2 business days, Athena Enterprises, LLC will remove all interior and exterior debris and provide all janitorial and landscape services as part of the initial service.

We offer the following services:

Securing of Property

Locks (door knobs and/or deadbolts) are changed according to lender requirements. Lock boxes are installed with an assigned code unless already provided by realtor. Board-ups are completed to secure windows, doors, and entry ways that allow easy access into the property.

Junk/Debris Removal

Personal property
Items that are considered personal properties (ex. televisions, computers, items in good condition, etc) are typically stored in a storage for a period of 30 - 90 days depending on lender requirements. Personal items that are not claimed within this period are either sold at a sheriff's sale/auction, auctioned, or dispensed.

Debris is removed based on lender/insurer/client instructions. Debris are removed and counted based on cubic yards.

Car removal
Car(s) are removed based on lender/investor/insurer/client instructions.

Lawn Maintenance

Initial and reoccurring lawn services will be provided based on requirements set by lender/investor/insurer/client. Services are offered based upon a scheduled need.

Janitorial Clean

Many homes that are left uncared for may need additional work done during janitorial/sales clean. All bedrooms and bathrooms will be cleaned according to sanitary standards and as required by lender/investor/insurer/client. All rooms must will be free from debris and other items that are not permanently fixed to or a part of the sale of the property. Services include include vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing of items needing cleaning.


Photographs of all services will be provided to lenders/investors/insurers/clients.