Residential Junk Removal

residential junk removalJunk South, a division of Athena Enterprise, LLC, offers residential junk removal services. Schedule the removal of your unwanted items and our fully insured, licensed, professional teams will service your needs, large or small.

Junk South's friendly uniformed teams will remove any unwanted items you have. Just tell us where to go and what to remove and your life will be junk free!

Our pricing include lifting, loading, cleanup and dump fees. There are no hidden fees and any surcharges will be fully explained prior to doing any work.

Junk Removal

Looking for a way to get that garage cleaned out? Or, maybe empty out the bonus room for upcoming improvements. Let Junk South handle all of your junk needs - large or small! Look at our list of items we can take and set up an appointment for a free estimate. We can be onsite in a moments notice, so don't delay and no more headaches!

Neighborhood Clean-Up

Team up with neighbors and friends to rid your neighborhood of excess junk and clutter. Junk South will enter your community and tackle house by house; removing anything that the homeowners desire! The more that participate, the lower the rates. Talk with your home owners association, neighbors and friends to gather support.

Spring Cleaning Day

Have Junk South redefine Spring Cleaning! Just let us know what goes, and our friendly, insured staff will lay your junk to rest. This discounted service is offered throughout the entire month of April each year!

Community Yard Sale + Clean-Up Services

Let Junk South do the work for you. Are you and others in your neighborhood looking to clear out the attic or garage and make some money? GREAT!

Junk South will promote, advertise, and excite people to your doorstep for a community yard sale. And after the madness is over, hold onto your hard earned cash and relax. Junk South will come by and remove any items that didn't sell that you would like donated or scrapped. The more who participate the better the rate, so talk with neighbors and friends!