What We Take

Upholstered Furniture

chairs, bar stools, mattresses, box springs, sofas, love seats, recliners.

Case goods

desks, tables, dressers, office furniture, coffee tables, dinning tables, cabinets, gym equipment


stoves, refrigerators removal, freezers, ovens, dish washers, microwaves, washers/dryers, and more


computers, printers, fax machines, monitors, stereos, copy machines, televisions, cell phones, and more.

Light demolition / Renovation Debris

drywall, carpet , carpet removal, concrete, tile, brick, roofing material, fences , shingles, dirt, etc.

Non-hazardous Miscellaneous

spoiled food, pallets and crates, cardboard, bicycles, motorcycles, magazines / books / newspapers, pool tables, medical equipment, medical waste, all sporting items, metal fences, and more.