Junk South, a division of Athena Enterprises, LLC, has been helping residents and businesses become junk free since 2011. Whether it's a pile of household junk in the garage or a warehouse full of office furnishings, Junk South removes it for you, making the ordinary business of junk removal exceptional.

Two great options - one great company. Full-service junk removal has been our hallmark since the very beginning. Just point your finger and let Junk South do the rest. If you’re looking for more time and flexibility while becoming become junk free, then the Rest In Peace Roll-Off™ dumpster is the choice. Designed to fit in driveways and tight spaces, the R.I.P. Roll-Off™ is a custom fabricated residential dumpster offering maximum capacity with minimal footprint.

Since 2011, Junk South has diverted thousands of tons of waste from landfills. Recycling efforts are not just limited to our full-service junk removal. Our R.I.P. Roll-Off dumpsters are an industry first as each load is sorted off-site before heading to the landfill. Rest in peace knowing your junk is headed toward a green future.

Got donations? Most donation centers are very picky about what they take and when they can take it. Because we work with many different charitable organizations, we navigate the donation maze, giving your junk the best shot of helping others while returning the tax-deductible receipt to you!


Commercial Dumpster


  • Step 1: Pick the day, time and location you require the R.I.P. Roll-Off™
  • Step 2: Fill your R.I.P. Roll-Off™
  • Step 3: We'll pick it up at your pre-scheduled time


Give us a call at 1-855 R.I.P-JUNK to schedule an estimate or book through our online appointment option. Our friendly, uniformed team arrives at your chosen time. Once on the property, just point to the junk you want removed and we provide an upfront, all-inclusive price. Say the word, and we'll haul everything away from wherever the items are located and finish by cleaning up the area.