Dumpster Monitoring & Clean Up


Subscription waste services are a unique way to free up staff for pressing maintenance matters and keep your property looking great.

A property's on-site dumpsters are great when they work as intended. However, overconsumption and use of short-lived and disposable items can wreak havoc upon a property's ability to manage waste.  At Junk South, we believe that bad habits become contagious. Too often, when dumpsters reach capacity or a bulky item doesn't fit in the dumpster, the surrounding area becomes a miniature dumping ground inviting others to disregard the dumpster rules and exasperate the problem.

The Cost: The ramifications can be costly as staff resources are re-allocated to an ever growing waste problem; trash providers charge fees for blocked dumpsters or skip retrieval altogether; a property's curb appeal and marketability suffers.

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Junk South's Solution.

Dumpster Monitoring begins with an assessment we call a Property's Excess Waste Burden. 

How often does waste exceed the on-site dumpsters?

How often does non-resident illegal dumping occur?

What is the volume of bulky prohibited items placed outside dumpsters or elsewhere on the property? 

Which days of the week or times of the month does trash exceed current dumpster capacity? 

This information will help Junk South determine the proper frequency aimed to address the excess waste. For more information and pricing, please contact us here.

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