Move In & Move Out Waste Mitigation

Maintain curb appeal, eliminate dumping grounds, keep maintenance staff and tenants happy with Junk South's student housing waste solutions

The Waste Problem.

Any veteran maintenance manager or property manager can agree, there is a growing waste problem within student housing communities. The need for a smooth move in & move out process is critical to a property's image and bottom line and the last thing a property wants is a trash problem.

Move In: During the move in process, a property can exceed its waste capacity quickly as students generate tons of packaging, cardboard, and recyclable waste. On-site dumpsters become miniature dumping grounds as the frequency of pick up and capacity don't meet the demand.

Move Out: During move out, mass produced, cheaply acquired goods are often abandoned within units or quickly amass around on-site dumpsters. A property's waste capacity can quickly become overwhelmed. Bulky, broken and unsightly junk litters a property and curb appeal suffers as prospective residents tour the grounds.

___Move Out Day
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The Waste Solution. 

Junk South offers the following services to keep your property in marketable, clean condition during move in & move out:

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