Renovation Debris Removal 

Junk South employee hands down an old window from garage attic

Are you looking to dispose of D.I.Y. debris and construction material?

A lot of work goes into a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Likewise, a lot debris and waste is generated. From start to finish, Junk South has you covered. We can handle the preliminary demolition work as well as the final phase of clean-up and debris removal.  Schedule our strong, hard working employees by the 1/2 hour and then when your project is nearing completion, we'll return to site and handle clean-up & removal. Junk South is here to help Athens area residents and business owners with construction and D.I.Y. debris removal.

Junk South General Labor

Book our dependable, hard working team for you next project. Your on-call solution to getting the job done.

2 employees @ 1/2hr - $50

3 employees @ 1/2hr - $75

4 employees @ 1/2hr $100

*Book as many hours as you need to get the job done.

**Pricing rounds up by the 1/2 hour (i.e. 41 min rounds up to 1hr).

Junk South removes renovation debris

Our Process

1.Visit our Booking page

2. Choose your desired service(s), day & time

3. We arrive with the labor & truck space to handle the job

Our pricing is based upon volume. If you need a better understanding of how much space your items will take up in our custom trucks, just let us know. We are happy to provide in-person or over-the-phone estimates.

Downtown Athens' business with construction debris removed by Junk South

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