Tire Removal & Disposal


Tires are scrapped at a rate of 1.1 tire/person/year leading to over 300 million tires scrapped per year. Fortunately, tires are 100% recyclable. Whether you have an old tire lying around the backyard or a piece of property where illegal dumping has occurred, Junk South is your choice for tire removal and disposal. At Junk South, we remove old tires while working with the ACC landfill and CHaRM facility to ensure proper handling and tire recycling.

Our Tire Removal Process

A Junk South team will arrive at your location and remove tires from anywhere on the property. This can often be grueling work, but that’s why you’ve called the professionals. Pricing is based upon how much space the tires take up in our custom trucks. Additionally, there is a $3/tire recycling fee ($10 if the tire is on a rim). Our Rest In Peace Assurance guarantees the old tires will be handed in an eco-friendly manner and recycled for future use.

Junk South removes pile of tires from illegal dumping site in Athens, GA

What we take

  • Passenger Tire
  • Commercial Tire
  • ATV Tire
  • Tractor Tire
  • Rim / Wheel
  • Hub Removal
  • Rim Removal
  • Axle Removal

Junk South performs tire clean-up from dumping site in Athens, GA

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