Bulky & oversized item removal. 

The bigger the better with Junk South junk removal.

Our specialty is tackling the big stuff. Junk South's teams are comprised of strong and industrious employees. We also have custom fabricated trucks and roll-off dumpsters designed to fit bulky items.

Junk South removes large, bulky sofa

What is considered bulky/oversized? 

Bulky items are large or oversized junk that are difficult to be picked up and removed by your local trash hauler. In some cases, these items require dismantling prior to loading. Some examples of bulky trash include playground equipment, commerical appliances, sporting equipment and other large household items.

At Junk South you pay for the space the items take up in our truck. We offer volume based pricing for the these items:

        • Grandfather Clock
        • Oversized Couch
        • Wood Pallets
        • Appliance
        • Toilet 
        • Scrap Metal
        • Basketball Goal
        • Aquarium & Tank
        • Playground Equipment
        • Carpet & Rugs
        • Large Furniture
        • Large Safe Removal
        • Office Cubicle
        • Shelving
Junk South removes riding lawn mower and other heavy equipment

Single Item Pricing applies to these oversized items:

        • Exercise Equipment - $100
        • Riding Lawn Mower - $160
        • Trampoline - $160
        • Oversized Appliance - $160
        • Piano Removal - $350
        • Hot Tub - $350
        • Pool Table - $350

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