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Attic Junk

Attic Clean Out

If junk were to go somewhere and die - it would be the attic. Long forgotten and likely collecting dust, junk left in an attic becomes a headache when the space needs to be reclaimed.

Removing junk from the attic is about as hard as it was lugging it up in the first place. With our fully insured, hardworking teams, attic junk doesn't stand a chance. Our teams will safely and quickly remove attic junk and let you regain space and peace of mind.

Garage Clean Out

Garages often become the catchall for junk, trash, and large/bulky items. In many instances, the amount of clutter can become unbearable and displace the family vehicle.

Get back to parking in the garage with Junk South junk removal. Each year, we clear out hundreds of garages. On average, our teams can clear a garage full of junk in less than an hour. Schedule a clean out and surprise your loved one with a junk free garage.

Freeing customers of junk and making space for cars is just the start. We also clear crawl spaces, sheds and spare bedrooms. For more information on the items we remove, click here.


Garage full of junk
Garage free of junk
Junk in crawl space

Crawl Space Clean Out

By far, the hardest space to clean out is a crawl space on a muggy day. Good news for you, we've been providing this service for almost a decade and enjoy a good sweat. Our fully insured, licensed teams will crawl the distance for our customers, removing old items from the deepest recesses. Reclaim your space with Junk South crawl space clean-outs.

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