Mattress Removal & Disposal

If we were to rank items by what a pain in the back they are to move, mattresses would be at the top of that list. Heavy, bulky and difficult to manage, mattresses are one of our most requested removal items. At Junk South, our Mattress Removal & Recycling Program has removed an estimated 2,000 mattresses. We've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Not only that, but we've removed beds from almost everywhere imaginable.

Although Junk South is well versed at mattress disposal. It's important to remember that disposing of them properly is of great consequence to local landfills and the environment. Receiving over 300 tons of waste a day, our local Athens Clarke County landfill is reaching capacity. Bulky old mattresses exharserbate the problem as they don’t go away easily. Our Rest In Peace Assurance means that mattresses and boxsprings are disposed of properly and follow local and county ordinances. Rely on Junk South for you mattress removal & disposal needs.

Extend the life of your mattress by maintaining it well. Many manufacturers and retailers recommend that you rotate and flip a new mattress every two weeks for the first six months, then every three months after that. Don’t bend a new mattress or jump on it, and never allow a mattress to get wet.


Types of mattresses we take: 

Junk South carries mattress and boxspring to truck
  • Foam & Latex Mattress Removal 
  • Spring Mattress Removal 
  • Inflatable Mattress Removal 
  • Hybrid Mattress Removal 
  • Bed Frame Removal 
  • Mattress Base Removal 
  • Box Spring Removal 
  • Mattress Removal & Disposal 
  • Traditional Box Springs Removal 
  • Low-Profile Box Springs Removal 
  • Bed Frame Removal 
  • Platform Box Springs Removal 
  • Bunkie Board Box Springs Removal 
  • Adjustable Base Box Springs Removal 
  • Foundation Box Springs Removal 
  • Adjustable Bed Base Removal 
  • Mattress Pad & Bedding Removal 
  • Headboard & Footboard Removal 
  • Hospital Bed Removal 
  • Canopy Bed Removal 

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