Tennant Eviction Clean Out

Junk South removes furniture at apartment eviction

A messy situation. 

One of the most challenging things a property manager or landlord has to deal with is a tenant eviction. Once the order has been handed down from the court, the occupant has no recourse but to vacate the premises. Often this will result in a very messy house or apartment full of trash, furniture and personal belongings.

Our eviction process. 

Once the eviction is underway, a fast cleanup is of the essence. Property representatives and local law enforcement will be onsite expecting a quick turn around while respecting the tenant's belonging. Junk South recognizes these expectations and comes staffed with a minimum of 3 team members.

One call to Junk South can make sure everything is removed carefully and in a timely fashion. After all the items have been taken to the curb, as required by law, Junk South will return the next day (24hr later) to remove the items that the tenant failed to retrieve.

IMAGE 11-24-19 AT 11.57 AM
Junk South performs eviction at apartment complex.

Eviction Services

We know how important it is to turn over a property. That’s why we get everything out to the curb in no time.  24h hours later, Junk South is back on site to remove the unclaimed items. Rely on our fast and affordable eviction clean out services. For a complete list of items we remove, click here.

        • Loose Trash Removal
        • Bagged Trash Removal
        • Furniture Removal
        • Appliance Removal
        • Junk Removal
        • Carpet Removal
        • 24hr Return Removal Service

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