Electronics Removal

We remove all types of electronic devices. Then, we recycle or dispose of them safely.  If you are looking for electronics removal, look no further we have you covered.

electronics removalTelevisions and home entertainment systems have been staples of households since the mid 1980’s. They are often built heavy and built to last.  These outdated home electronics are in the way of modern technology. So if you’re wondering how to get rid of your old electronics, Junk South is here to help! We’ll provide you with fast, easy and affordable electronics hauling and recycling services.

Your Old Electronics Will Rest In Peace

Our Rest In Peace Assurance means your electronics will find a proper resting place without contributing to our growing landfills. Most importantly, through our network of local charities and recycling facilities, Junk South can navigate the maze and find the best home for your outdated television, computer, stereo or computer.


Types of Old Electronics We Remove

We haul away any and all electronics that you need to get rid of. Don’t see your removal item listed below? You can bet we will still take it!

  • Television Removal
  • Flat Screen TV Removal
  • Projector Removal
  • Computer Removal
  • Printer & Xerox Machine Removal
  • Computer Accessories Removal
  • Stereo Equipment Removal
  • Guitar Amplifier Removal

Get Help Hauling Electronics Today

Getting rid of an unwanted television or an old stereo system has never been easier. If you have old electronics you need to get rid of, have Junk South properly dispose of your items in an eco-friendly manor. We’ll also pickup and recycle your electronics on your schedule, no matter what condition your old gear is in. For a list of non-profit charities that Junk South works with, please click here.

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