Grill removal & recycling in Athens, GA

Grills just aren't made like they once were. Within just a couple years, a grill can become susceptible to rust and wear that renders it useless and an eyesore. Old grill removal is easier said than done when it comes to that heavy, cumbersome item.

If your grill has reached it's end, Junk South is just a call away. Our teams will remove your old grill from anywhere on the property. Even better, we'll make sure the grill reaches an eco-friendly resting place with our R.I.P. Assurance.

Grill Removal

Types of grills & components we remove

Old Grill
  • Gas Grill Removal 
  • Charcoal Grill Removal 
  • Infrared Grill Removal 
  • Hybrid Grill Removal 
  • Commercial Grill Removal
  • Pellet Grill Removal 
  • Kettle Grill Removal 
  • Cart Grill Removal 
  • Propane Tank Removal 
  • Single-Use Propane Tank Removal 
  • Portable Propane Tank Removal 
  • Refillable Propane Tank Removal 
  • Smoker Removal 
  • Rotisserie Removal 

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