Community Outreach Program

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Junk South's Mission: 

"To serve our community though responsible junk removals that protect our environment and empower fellow citizens"

Our commitment to Athens has never been stronger. Since 2011, Junk South has partnered with over 30 local non-profit organizations through our Charity of the Month Program and yearly volunteer efforts to provide a cleaner, healthier, and happier way of life to Athens' residents.

Outreach Program Information

In our line of business, we find residences consumed by junk or those that find themselves in unhealthy and even hazardous situations with no recourse.

Our outreach program is designed to create a healthy living environment, through our junk removal services, that fosters growth and happiness within the household.

To make this happen, Junk South will provide complimentary junk removal services to a community member or family in need on a frequent basis.

    • Hoarding Situations
    • Financial Burden
    • Illegal Dumping Sites
    • Code Violation Scenarios

Our teams will arrive with all the tools and equipment necessary to remove trash, junk and debris. Demolition services will also be provided in the event that an old deck, playset, or structure presents a hazard to the resident(s).

In addition to our clean-up and clear-out services, Junk South will utilize its vast network of donation collections to help furnish a home with essentials such a linens, small furnishings, kitchenware and clothing on an as needed basis.

Pile of trash outside residence that Junk South removes

The Details

To determine eligibility, Junk South will rely upon community non-profits to identify a household in-need. Once referrals from local non-profit are received by Junk South, a thorough vetting process, including a site visit & in-person meeting, will be arranged.

The selection process will be guided by the following criteria:

  • Financial Limitations
  • Imminent Threat to Resident(s)
  • Immediate Improvement to Health & Well Being
  • Junk South's Operational Capabilities

How to Apply

Junk South is accepting referrals from local non-profits. Submissions are to be emailed to Please include referral agency/non-profit, name of applicant, address and photos of the items & area needing Junk South's services.

In no ways is the selection process based upon race, ethnicity, sex, gender, religion or any other protected class.

We are committed to community betterment through a hands-on approach and protection of the environment through mindful collection, sorting and diversion services. 


Junk South volunteers w/ Athens Area Emergency Foodbank for annual Can-a-Thon