Game Day & Event Day Trash

Subscription waste services are a unique way to keep your tenants happy and the property looking great.

Game Day Trash.

We all know how properties suffer after the big game. With Game Day Trash, rest assured that your clean, responsible property image will be preserved. Within 12hrs of any game or special event, Junk South's teams will sweep your property clean leaving it immaculate for tours, parent & relative visits, and overall resident satisfaction.

___Pary Aftermath (UGA)

Good Clean Fun.

The University of Georgia is often rated as one of the top public Universities in America.  Of note, Athens is ranked as one of best college party towns. Unfortunately, the party aspect can leave student housing properties in shambles after the big game or event.

These big events bring a lot of traffic into Athens. Parents of current and prospective students come to town with an agenda and housing is often at the top of the list. Send the right message with Junk South's Game Day Trash Service. 

The Junk South Advantage: 

  • Property Image Protection
  • Clean, Safe Community
  • Marketable Condition
  • Successful Property Tours
  • Higher Parental Approval Rating
  • Overall Resident Satisfaction
___Party Aftermath

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