Residential Dumpster Rentals

Introducing the Rest In Peace Roll-Off Dumpster

Junk South is well know for full-service junk removal. However, having the freedom to manage the removal process on your own timeframe with your own strength and brawn is a great solution for many of our customers. We have designed the perfect Residential Roll-Off Dumpster. Introducing, the R.I.P. Roll-Off™.


Designed to fit in driveways and tight spaces, the R.I.P. Roll-Off™ is a custom fabricated residential dumpster offering maximum capacity with minimal footprint. This driveway safe, aesthetically appealing 20 yard dumpster is your on-call resource for that next D.I.Y. project.

  • Driveway Safe Dumpster
  • Dumpsters w/ Curb Appeal
  • Fair, Flexible Pricing
  • Maximum Capacity w/ Minimal Footprint
  • On-Time Drop-Off/Pick Up
  • Same Day Service

R.I.P. Roll-Off™

The versatility of the R.I.P. Roll-Off™ is easily recognizable. Suited for home repairs, demolition, remodeling, de-cluttering, spring cleaning, landscaping and move-outs - the Junk South dumpster is the solution.

Residential customers enjoy the many benefits of the R.I.P. Roll-Off™, including our off-site sorting of recyclables and donatable items. Our dumpsters are always clean, driveway safe and aesthetically pleasing. That’s good news for both you and your neighbors.

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Junk South R.I.P. Roll Off in customers driveway
Junk South R.I.P. Roll Off Dumpster - Items that we take

Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes, but for residential and home, you only really need one. Our roll off dumpster rentals are neighborhood friendly and hold 20 cubic yards.

The Process:


The R.I.P. Roll-Off™ is an affordable alternative to traditional roll-off providers. Our volume based roll-offs represent an industry first - allowing you to only pay for the space you use in our 20cu yd dumpsters.

Junk South offers two volume based categories to ensure fair and transparent pricing:

1/2 Load: If your R.I.P. Roll-Off™ dumpster is ≤1/2 load, you will fall into our half-load pricing.
Full Load: Any load size >1/2 of the dumpster’s capacity is categorized as a full load.

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* Please note - To schedule a roll-off delivery, Junk South requires a credit card on file at time of booking. Your card will be charge once the roll-off is deposited at your property.

** For a list of restricted items, surcharges and fees, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

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